About DomainHospital

DomainHospital is run by BB Online who started trading in Copenhagen 1995 and moved to the United Kingdom in 1997. Since then we have specialised in domain name reselling. We provide registration, secure web hosting and technical support to over 5,000 corporates principally in the UK and Europe.

BB Online has fought to get the best credentials in its field and with this objective in mind became ICANN accredited in May 2000, we are also members of the Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Irish, Luxembourg, Spanish, Portuguese, Austrian, Lithuanian, New Zealand, UK, Italian and .EU naming authorities. BB-Online was the first UK based operational ICANN accredited domain name registrar.

The founders of BB Online are specialists in telecommunications and Unix based computing and for the past 10 years have been delivering electronic information to worldwide financial markets.

Key Employees :

Robert Fox - Managing Director (Email : bob@domainhospital.com)
The entrepreneur, bursting with business and technical ideas, founded BB-Online after his brief involvement with the KGB and CIA. A qualified electrical / electronic engineer. Fluent in both C and Perl / CGI.

Lina Watson - Office Manager (Email : lina@domainhospital.com)
With a degree in Business Administration and Computer Programming in EAFIT (Medellin-Colombia).
Lina has been working within the domain name industry in the UK since 1998 after 8 years experience in Colombia with Cobol programming and Financial planning.

Mick Austin - Development (Email : mick@domainhospital.com)
Perl Programming Wizard.

Paul Smith - System Administration (Email : paul@domainhospital.com)
Over 20 years experience in system administration.

Kevin Radford - Web Site Developer (Email : kevin@domainhospital.com)
More than 20 years experience in IT. Developed various applications in various programming languages.

In Fond Memory of Founding Members:

Bent Bille - Managing Director / BB Online AS
Ex managing director and founder of JB Online AS., Demark's first source of business data.
Past away 2013.

Don Baker - Financial Director
Ex Managing Director of ICC Information Group, loads of experience, interesting contacts, kept Roberts ideas confined to the practical only.
Past away 2015.

Our thoughts are always with them.